Mathy Machine Inc.

Family owned
since 1975

Since its inception, Jay Mathy has provided the highest quality CNC machining in the industry. Today, Mathy Machine is reaching new heights under the supervision of his son, Bryan Mathy.

Ultra Precise with Tight Tolerances

Since our beginning in 1975, Mathy Machine, Inc., has continued to lead the industry in the CNC machining of very tight tolerance, ultra-high complex components.

Based in Santee, CA, we have developed a reputation for quality and reliability, with a growing list of satisfied clients:

  • General Atomic 
  • Bilstein 
  • RCD 
  • Med Systems 
  • Sungear 
  • Protec 
  • SDGE 

Reduced production cost

By continually adapting our CNC machining skills, equipment, and evaluating our operational procedures, we strive to offer a uniquely streamlined process. 

Our expert machinists input calculated specifications, then monitor our machines to do the rest. This allows programing to be duplicated, resulting in parts to print every time.

With less need for human interaction, minimal errors occur and material waste is reduced. Precision machining saves our customers both time and money.